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The Secret of Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Wichita (and What to Expect!)

Dr. Farmer is a meticulous cosmetic dentist in Wichita. Check out his work
Do you have concerns about how your teeth look or function?

Your dissatisfaction may range from the color of a single tooth, to the spacing and shape of all your teeth – but no matter the issue, you CAN HAVE a smile that you love!

Read on for ways to help you choose a cosmetic dentist in Wichita and what you can expect as a new cosmetic dentist patient.


Ensure Your Cosmetic Dentist in Wichita is Qualified

Choosing the right Wichita cosmetic dentist is key to avoiding heartbreak, short-lived restorations, expensive recovery, and demoralizing embarrassment.

The right cosmetic dentist will analyze the form and function of your teeth, your gum health, bone health, bite issues, any existing dental work and its impact on your overall oral health.

Your cosmetic dentist should also be confident in their abilities, and back it up with experience, results, and education.


Dr. Farmer, Wichita Cosmetic Dentist


With Dr. Eric Farmer, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in very capable hands. He is a faculty member of the Clinical Mastery Series, which is an organization that provides continuing education in cosmetic functional dentistry throughout the United States.

Through CMS, Dr. Farmer stays current and teaches other dentists how to execute and deliver excellent cosmetic dentistry in their own practices.


Ask to See Real Patient Cases

If you’re considering cosmetic dental work, it’s important to ask the dental office you’re considering to show you actual before and after photos of THEIR cases.

It may seem shocking, but many offices have stock photos on their websites of cases they did not perform or just generic examples of treatments.


Check out the work from Dr. Farmer, cosmetic dentist in Wichita


At Farmer & Williamson, we post our patient cases (with their consent) of our actual work. It’s important to see proof that your cosmetic dentist in Wichita can achieve the results you’re looking for.


Do Your Research

Just by reading this blog, you’ve already started on the road to your new, improved smile!

We want to help make your journey even easier, so we’re providing a FREE downloadable eBook that outlines the top 5 rules to follow when choosing a cosmetic dentist.


Free Cosmetic Dentistry eBook from Dr. Eric Farmer


What Can You Expect as a New Cosmetic Patient?

At Farmer & Williamson, a cosmetic consultation begins with a conversation about your goals. From there, we develop some broad treatment options and a cost estimate.

For extensive cosmetic or functional cases, it’s important for us to have a full set of x-rays, photographs, and models of your teeth. We will study and analyze these on a chewing simulator in order to optimize the esthetics and function of your smile.

We then use these records as the blueprint for your case, and will also mock up a plaster model to give us a plan, in advance, for your care.

At all times, we inform you of costs prior to the time treatment is provided. We want you to be informed and comfortable with your decision to invest in your smile!


Schedule Your Consultation Today!

It’s easy to be self-conscious about your imperfect teeth, but a gorgeous smile is attainable and something we would love to help you with!

From small problems to big issues, Dr. Farmer is ready to find solutions. Begin the journey to the smile you deserve!

Are you having issues with your smile? We can we help! Call our office at (316) 722-1110 or contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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