Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Never hide your smile again.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The path to a gorgeous smile and functional bite.

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Full mouth rehabilitation is the rebuilding of your bite’s function and smile’s beauty when teeth are broken, missing, or worn down. Through high-quality comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Eric Farmer combines scientific precision and artistry to restore function, beauty, and health to your smile.

It could involve a combination of dental services, including:

The results are truly life-changing. Not only will you get your smile back, but you’ll have the ability to eat your favorite foods, speak with confidence, and be out of pain.

Life-changing Benefits,No Regrets

Reborn Confidence

Full mouth rehabilitation dramatically transforms a smile, bringing out the confidence you never thought you had.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

This innovative service restores your bite's function and stability, allowing you to eat whatever you'd like without pain.

Speak With Pride

You no longer have to worry about hiding your smile or slurring your words when you speak to family and friends.

No Guilt

If you feel embarrassed to seek a solution, we promise to never judge you for your smile's condition. We won't be satisfied until you're satisfied.

Adapting To You

Are you worried you won't be able to afford it? Please call us and let's chat about how we can work within your needs to achieve full function and beauty.

Unique To You

We strategize your treatment plan around your unique features, so your new smile is customized only to you.


Choosing a full mouth rehabilitation dentist in Wichita is an important decision to make. Experience is the most important factor to consider, and you’ll find that with Dr. Eric Farmer:

  • Teaches other dentists to execute full mouth cases at Clinical Mastery Series
  • Has gained the national reputation for his comprehensive full mouth makeovers.
  • Will craft a mockup of your new smile, so you can preview the final results
‘‘Dr. Farmer is sensational. He is so happy, friendly, and very professional. He's always willing to listen and help. He is an awesome dentist and he does beautiful work!’’


See Real Patients With Timeless Smiles
See full mouth rehabilitation results for yourself.

Have Questions About Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • Will I look good in my temporaries?
    Yes! The temporaries are based on what we foresee the final results to look like. The temporaries are always an improvement over what they looked like before seeking care. Will it hurt? NO! Typically there is minimal sensitivity after treatment!
  • Will my insurance cover full mouth reconstruction?
    Dental insurance does cover some aspects of this complex procedure, but it depends on your coverage and maximum. We do accept most dental insurance and will file claims on your behalf. Contact us for more details.
  • How long will this procedure take?
    It depends on the extent of your dental problems. It could be as simple as a few appointments to several appointments. Dr. Farmer will analyze the scope of your dental function and beauty, and provide his honest recommendations of what you need and what you can expect from start to finish.

Are You A Candidate For Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

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