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Treatments That Transform

Porcelain Veneers

Perfect teeth in just two visits.

Why porcelain veneers?
A porcelain veneer works as a thin, tooth-shaped shield that covers over problems like chips, gaps, cracks, and misshapen teeth.

The treatment: To create your porcelain veneers, we’ll have a discussion and assess the problems you have. Next, we decide on a treatment plan and prepare the teeth that will have veneers by making room for the layer of the veneer and taking an impression of the teeth.

Then, a dental lab custom creates your veneers, after which you return to our office to have them cemented to the front of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile and future.

Why teeth whitening?
There are many factors that can cause teeth discoloration, but we offer a solution that can transform your dull teeth into a white smile.

The treatment: Our office features take-home teeth whitening treatments with customized bleaching trays. You get to enjoy the comfort of your own home or our office to undergo hassle-free, painless whitening that can improve the look of your smile by several shades in just a few days. The custom-made bleaching trays make sure that coverage is even and results are reliable, and we also make sure the process is completely comfortable.

Gum Contouring

Be proud of your smile and your gums.

Why gum contouring?
Do you suffer from excess gum tissue hiding your teeth? Our office has a soft tissue laser, so we can also perform laser gum contouring as part of your cosmetic dentistry smile makeover.

The treatment: Gum contouring involves removing excess gum tissue for those who have gummy smiles that make their teeth look short. We can also correct an uneven gum line.

Dental Bonding

Quick and reliable with great results.

Why dental bonding?
In just one visit, we can reshape teeth that have been damaged using tooth-colored composite resin material.

The treatment: During the procedure, our Wichita cosmetic dentist applies the tooth-colored resin material (a durable plastic material) and cure it with visible, blue light. This ultimately “bonds” the material to the tooth and improves the overall appearance of teeth. This fast and affordable alternative to porcelain veneers provides another option for filling in gaps and chips.


The world's leading clear aligner system.

Why Invisalign®?
Want to straighten your teeth without metal brackets and wires? Invisalign® clear aligners are effective, comfortable, and hardly noticeable. It’s the modern orthodontic treatment for teenagers and adults.

The treatment: You’ll wear a series of custom-made clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into alignment. Our office uses modern technology to take digital impressions and ensure your trays fit seamlessly. Plus, you’ll get to preview your finished smile before you even start!

Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist?

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