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What Does it Take to Make a Best Dentist in Wichita, KS?

What makes a "best dentist?"

The best dentist in Wichita, KS for you.

Is that an exaggeration?

No, it’s not! Here’s why we can say that.

What makes a “best dentist in Wichita?”

The word “best” is defined as “that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.”

Do the dentists at Farmer & Williamson live up to that description?

Let’s see!

First, let’s start with:

Dr. Eric Farmer 

With me it is openness, integrity, and great service all the way. I like to present a relaxing atmosphere without compromising on results.”

Profile photo of Dr. Eric FarmerDr. Farmer is a dentist’s dentist. As a faculty member of the Clinical Mastery Series, Dr. Farmer is a sought-after mentor and instructor for other dentists in cosmetic and complex dentistry cases.

His other accolades include:

He has spent over 25 years as a Wichita dentist providing outstanding family and cosmetic dentistry to the people in our community.

That’s what we would expect from a “best dentist.” Wouldn’t you?

Now, let’s go to:

Dr. Bret Williamson

“I’m so thrilled to be part of this amazing dental team. My promise to you is to provide the same level of care I would offer to my family.”

Dr. Williamson’s passion for dentistry motivated him to go just beyond general dentistryProfile photo of Dr. Bret Williamson education and training. He has pursued his interest in dental surgery and has advanced training in dental implants.

Dr. Williamson is associated with many distinguished dental groups, including:

What do you think makes a “best dentist?” Do we stack up?

Watch this short video about our team and answer that for yourself!

The best patient care

Education, experience, and skill are vital to becoming the best. But when it comes to dentistry, more is needed.

A “best dentist” also needs a great chairside manner, wouldn’t you agree?

Having a dentist who makes you feel at ease, who is open to questions, and can explain things in simple terms is what every dental patient hopes for, but doesn’t always get!

Our Wichita dentists are people first, and dentists second. They understand how stressful a dental visit can be and they want to make it as easy as possible for you.

How do they do it?

Warmth… compassion… personalized care.

When you visit our office, you can expect to receive:

  • A warm greeting from Tammie, Jerissa, and Felicia
  • Short wait times and a waiting room designed for your comfort
  • Dentists and team members who listen to what you have to say
  • Answers to all of your questions
  • Support before, during, and after your visit

In other words:

The kind of care you should get from a “best dentist!”

What do you think?

How are we doing? Are we measuring up?

Do our dentists offer the kind of care that you would describe as “excellent, outstanding, or desirable?”

We do our best every day to do just that!

Would you like to experience firsthand the kind of dentistry you can have from a “best dentist?”

We will be happy to set up a convenient appointment for you.

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